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Cr David McLachlan

Whats going on in Northshore Hamilton?

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Whats going on in Northshore Hamilton?
We get a lot of queries about the progress of various works in the area commonly known as Northshore Hamilton. What a lot of people don’t know is that this area - 304 hectares - is under the planning control of the State Government as a Priority Development Area (PDA). 

The Northshore Hamilton PDA includes all the land between Kingsford Smith Drive and the Brisbane River, from Brett’s Wharf at its western end through to the Gateway Motorway as it’s eastern boundary (and yes this does include the Royal Queensland Golf Course).

The administering authority is called Economic Development Queensland (EDQ). All infrastructure development in the precinct is under the control of EDQ. All infrastructure charges for developments within the precinct are collected for and by the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning.

As the area is a State Government PDA, neither the Brisbane City Council nor I as Councillor have authority to directly intervene on outcomes, but we are able to lodge ‘requests’.

For the past few years I have endeavored to work as cooperatively as possible with EDQ to resolve residents’ issues and I initiated a regular monthly meeting with senior managers of EDQ to deal with issues residents were asking of me.

I have been informed this week that from now on, this regular meeting will be attended by a staff member from the Office of the Minister, Cameron Dick.

I look forward to future direct involvement from the Minister. He or his representative will hopefully be able to explain significant delays in EDQ's delivery of its promises.

For example, what has happened to the promised review of the PDA stemming from information sessions conducted back in May 2016? The original intent of the PDA was for a community of 15,000 residents by 2026. Is this still the plan?

And what has happened to the promised new Hercules St Park designed by Danish landscape architects that has been announced now on numerous occasions with great fanfare? The signs said work was to start back in March: now we’re told maybe early next year....

And while we are looking at locked gates and work fences, I can report (on a happier note!) that despite the appearance of a locked-up work site at the tennis courts adjacent to Eat St, (another of the questions I’m getting often) they are available for bookings.
Go to The charge is $20 an hour.

For further information about the Northshore Hamilton PDA, have a look at the Department’s webpage at

My next meeting with EDQ, along with the ministerial minder, is in mid-October. For the benefit of Northshore Hamilton residents and for the interests of all visitors to the precinct, I will post updates from now on, on all issues raised and any intended resolution.

David McLachlan 
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